Are You Wasting Your Time On Social Media?

By Mike Linville
Wasting Time With Social Media

Wait, how did I end up on Facebook—again?

We’ve all been there.

Social media is a fantastic marketing tool. Businesses of all sizes are able to directly communicate with potential customers, while also being able to create incredibly targeted ads.

But how much social media is too much?

Fortunately, Google Analytics has some very powerful and very free tools to figure out if social media is actually making you money.

So today I’m going to dive into Google Analytics Social Traffic reports. If you’d like to follow along at home, open up Google Analytics. In the side navigation there’s a tab called “traffic sources”. In there you’ll find a subcategory called “social”. This is where you can find the different reports I’ll be citing in this post.

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Think Before You Speak: 3 Questions To Ask Before Presenting To Any Audience

By admin
3 Tips For Better Presentations

If you’re anything like me (i.e. love to talk), then you’ve probably had a parent at one time or another say, “Next time, think before you speak!”

You too? It’s okay, because now you can use that gift of gab to build your business. But not so fast—we need to think about a few things before we speak. (You forgot already!?)

We already know you’re amazingly knowledgeable, experienced and successful in your business or industry. You want to tell the world about it, but where do you start? The key is to take mom’s advice and think through WHY, not just WHAT we want to speak about.

Discovering the answers to three key questions will not only help to craft a more powerful and profitable presentation, but it will set you miles apart (and above) your competition. So before you do your next presentation, think about these 3 questions before you speak.

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We’re Giving Away A Lot Of Free Stuff!

By Mike Linville
DIY WordPress Security

We finally did it!

Just last week, we published our very first book to Amazon’s Kindle store!

This was a big milestone for Black Dog Education, and one of the many things we have planned for The DIY WordPress Suite. (Be sure to stay tuned in 2013 for some huge announcements)

We’re so excited, we’re giving away free copies of our Kindle book “WordPress Security for Small Business Owners: Your Guide to Website Safety” from now until Sunday, September 16th.

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The SEO Guide For Busy People

By admin
SEO For Small Business Owners

Google page rank can be cruel. No matter how much you tweak your site, it seems like nothing ever changes.

This frustration has brought about smoozers of all shapes and sizes selling some widget that claims to solve all your search engine problems.

I’m here to tell you those black hat techniques won’t help you. What will help you is optimizing website content for search engines.

But before your pupils shrink to the size of pin heads, know this — SEO doesn’t have to be hard. And to prove I’m serious, I’ve compiled a list of 5 of the easiest things you can do to help your SEO.

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