Pet Professionals: Get Your FREE Website Builder Kindle Book!

By Mike Linville

We’ve been bit hard by the Kindle bug.

After the success of our first Kindle book, “WordPress Security For Small Business Owners: Your Guide To Website Security” we knew we were on to something.

So we teamed up with our friends at Pet Sitter Marketing to develop a Kindle book designed to help pet sitters, and other pet professionals, build good looking, search engine optimized and all around awesome websites.

This collaborative effort we call, “Get Your Pet Sitting Website Online In 11 Easy Steps” gets pet sitters, and other service based business owners, from zero to website launch the fastest and easiest way possible.

And who is the Sherpa through the world of website build outs? Our fearless web nerd and 14-year developer, Mike Linville, of course. You can follow along at home as Mike guides you through this content rich, yet easy to read guide. He’s also included a few extra bonuses that you can download to make the process even easier.

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Why WordPress Is A Must For Your Business

By admin
Why WordPress

Who doesn’t love WordPress? It allows small business owners to take control of their websites and online presence with ease.

But certain doubts have arisen now that WordPress is the most-hacked CMS platform. So do we just throw WordPress out the window?

Nothing’s perfect. The more popular something is, the more people would love to put it down, and see if it can pass the proverbial acid test.

This is not to say all WordPress sites will inevitably become compromised. It’s still a fantastic tool for small business owners that we, and many others, suggest for building a website. You just need to be careful, like with any website, when it comes to security. If you’re still not sure, here are 5 reasons we love WordPress and you should too.

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5 Beautiful Ecommerce Themes For Less Than $100

By Mike Linville
WooThemes WordPress Themes

Here at Black Dog Education, we love WooThemes!

WooThemes, the online theme retailer, allows small business owners to buy beautifully designed and professionally developed themes for less than $100. That’s why we suggest small business owners initially start with a theme from WooThemes or Elegant Themes, instead of going straight to a custom web developer.

Later on down the road, small business owners can hire a graphic/web designer to customize it if needed. It will save lots of time, since the core of the design is already built, therefore saving tons of money. Who knows, you may find the theme of your dreams and never need any customization.

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How Facebook Can Hurt Your Business

By Mike Linville
Facebook As A Website

Facebook is awesome for small business owners.

I know I’ve probably said that about a thousand times, but I stand by my statement. Facebook is easy to use, fun to use, and FREE to use.

But Facebook is merely a marketing tool for your website. Its purpose is to direct traffic back to your website where you can collect leads and close sales. Facebook is not a substitution for an actual website.

If you’re one of the many small business owners who are riding the Facebook unicorn without a care in the world while having no website of your own; consider these 5 not-so-fun Facebook facts.

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