5 Steps To Securing WordPress, Minus The Web Guru

By admin
WordPress Security

Ever experience a hacked website?

I know, it’s horrible.

Years of hard work, endless nights, your business and your online reputation are put on the line just because of some hacker jerk.

Everything gets compromised—panic and anxiety are to be expected. This can definitely have an earth-shaking impact on your business. Sure, your website can be recovered, but it’s going to cost you.

I don’t want to bring up painful memories. I just want to scare anyone who hasn’t taken action to protect their website. You don’t, and shouldn’t, wait until your website is hacked to do something. You can take preventative measures today! Here are 5 steps to securing your WordPress website while keeping all your hard work and your sanity intact.

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Do You Really Need A Website Sitemap?

By Mike Linville

Woohoo! You’re building your website on WordPress, and ready to create some pages. You’ve gone through all the work of messing with plugins, themes, Google Analytics, but now it’s time for the fun part—the site build-out.

But before you jump straight into creating pages you’re going to want a map to navigate through the madness. You’re going to want a sitemap.

A sitemap isn’t anything fancy. It’s merely a graphical representation of your site’s structure to help determine if there’s a logical relationship between pages. Sounds simple enough, but there are some things you need to watch out for.

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Warning: Your WordPress Website Isn’t Safe

By admin
WordPress Hacked

Can you honestly say you trust WordPress to keep your website safe?

Did I hear a yay or a nay?

Over the years WordPress has become the platform of choice for many business owners. It’s user-friendly, customizable, and free. Who wouldn’t love that?

But let’s face it, lest we forget, even the most beautiful flowers have thorns! Hmmm—I have to stop now from getting mellow-dramatic.

We have to bear in mind: NO website online is ever safe from any hacking attempts. Think about what happened to the FBI’s website.

You may not be as big, or house the sensitive information the FBI does though. That means you’re safe, right? I’ll let you in on a little secret—even small business websites are unsafe!

Did you know WordPress website are the most likely to be compromised? So, why has WordPress become such a hacker haven?

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We’re Giving Away A Lot Of Free Stuff!

By Mike Linville
DIY WordPress Security

We finally did it!

Just last week, we published our very first book to Amazon’s Kindle store!

This was a big milestone for Black Dog Education, and one of the many things we have planned for The DIY WordPress Suite. (Be sure to stay tuned in 2013 for some huge announcements)

We’re so excited, we’re giving away free copies of our Kindle book “WordPress Security for Small Business Owners: Your Guide to Website Safety” from now until Sunday, September 16th.

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