Wait, Don’t Buy That Domain Name Just Yet!

By Mike Linville
Domain Name Tips

Okay, I’ll admit that in most cases transforming a business name into a domain name will work just fine.

BUT with over 550 million websites out there, your first choice for a domain name may not be available. And using a shortened URL is not a replacement for a professional domain name. So before you become set on a strategy, check out this short list of tips to domain name dominance.

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How Do I Speed Up WordPress?

By Mike Linville
Office Hours

Welcome again to Office Hours, where you can pick our brains on topics ranging from web development, SEO, social media, and more!

This week we received a fabulous question from Dean:

I’ve been working with WordPress for quite some time, and the more I play with it the slower my site seems to get. What can I do to speed my site back up?

So join us for this week’s installment of Office Hours where Mike explains how you can speed up your WordPress site with 3 easy changes.

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4 Free Tools To Make You A Better Blogger

By Mike Linville
Blogging Tools

Blogging has come a long ways since its nerdy/geeky/lonely predecessor of the early 1990s. Now that the Internet plays such an important, almost symbiotic, role in our daily lives blogs have become much more mainstream. Blogs now allow websites to create different points of entry to their websites and a great opportunity to showcase knowledge on different topics.

Sounds fantastic, but many small business owners worry they lack the skills to create thriving blogs. So I’m going to address 4 common blogging blocks, and 4 blog tools that can help.

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Domain Names Explained In Less Than 2 Minutes

By Mike Linville
Domain Names Explained

If you’re new to the world of web development, you know there are tons of terms out there that need to be learned. You could scour the web for hours trying to find an easy to understand explanation, wasting precious time and eyeball energy, but there’s a better way!

Instead, tune in to Black Dog Education’s brand new online series, Web Bytes. Join host Mike Linville, as he breaks down terms from the world of web development in an easy to consume 2 minute or less explanation. No technical mumbo jumbo, no fluff.

This week, Mike dives head first into the web world with a quick explanation of what domain names are, and what they do for your website.

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