Dog Training

Most households nowadays prefer to have a dog in the house as a pet, as well as to protect them from possible danger. Thus the need for knowledge on dog training emerges.

Basic knowledge on dog training is a must for those who plan to have a pet dog. This includes basic commands such as “Sit”, “Come”, & “Drop it”, which is short, straightforward, and easy to remember. These three are the 1st commands that a dog should learn. Once a dog identifies and remembers these, you should have less of a worry about having your dog out of control. Common nature for pets, especially dogs, is to please their master. They are always excited to get rewards for their actions, so training them effectively would make life easier, and you would be able to gain control over your dog and gain a well-mannered pet.

Dog training methods may vary from different trainers, but rewarding good behavior is more successful than punishing your dog due to unwanted actions.

Using treats and showing affection during dog training will facilitate a faster learning process for your dog. Consistently following the routine created and making the training fun will fortify the bond you have with your dog.

Just like puppies, adult dogs also love to play around, always give that venue for them to just play and show the enthusiasm they have. Dog training will have to be a daily routine at the start up till a year, and would somehow lessen the difficulty to train them as you bond more closely with your dog.

Part of dog training is exposing them to different environments to make sure they would be able to adjust accordingly, such as in big crowds, places with lots of kids, food, park and the likes. Tricks and acts can be taught but may take a longer time to be learned by your dog. It is very important to be patient when training, and try not to get frustrated about set backs as this is normal and it happens to anyone or any animal in training.

One of the most important habits that should be taught to dogs early on is potty training. This is where most patience and consistency is needed. Always remember to bring your dog outside your house for them to do their thing at the same time every day, when they wake up, after meals, or every other hour depending on the kind of breed you have. This is why it is most important that you get to know your dog so you would know what approach in dog training to use. Visiting the veterinarian would be a good way to start to get to know your dog, as they would be more knowledgeable and understanding about the different breeds, and would be able to give you tips on how to handle them. Having friends or neighbors who are also fond of dogs would be advantageous as they would be able to give you advice too on how to handle different situations with your dog.

Just like babies, dogs love to be loved and await affection so make sure to incorporate that in your dog training.