4 Common Typography Mistakes To Avoid + Free Fonts

By Mike Linville

Typography MistakesIf you own a small business, chances are you do a lot of your own graphics and advertising, either yourself or in-house. One element of design that’s notoriously overlooked by small business owners is typography (the use of letters, colors, and sizes).

Typography is crucial for all kinds of design; website, signage, advertising, newsletters, business cards, everything! Typography has an important, but most times unrecognized impact on the visual aspects of your business’s branding.

Nothing irks me to the core more than seeing a piece of marketing with bad typography. If I have to see one more ad or business card using comic sans or papyrus, I am going to LOSE it.

There are so many free font resources out there nowadays, there’s just no excuse. If you’re a 5th grader making a Mother’s Day card, fine. But professional literature and advertising—step up your game!

Another thing that can be tricky is kerning. This refers to the spacing between the letters. If you don’t pay attention to this, you could have a laughable disaster on your hands. Let me show you what I am talking about.

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