3 Steps To Feel Better About Your Day & Results

By Mike Linville

We’ve all done it. You’ve wrapped up a long 10-12 hour day, and you’re exhausted from pouring your heart and soul into your business. And although you are tired, you can’t even articulate why. Not only that, but after all that hard work, you didn’t even make a sale, get a new client, or earn a new customer!

As you are processing this paradox on your way home, you are greeted at the door with smiling faces from your children, spouse, significant other, and/or your dogs. And they all have the same question (yes, even your dog) – how was your day?

This is a complicated answer. On one hand, you worked your tail off (no offense to your dog!), but on the other hand, you didn’t make any money. So was it a good day?

The truth is there is no way for you to know unless you have defined it. And defining it will not only enable you to provide an honest answer to this age-old question, but it will help you dramatically increase your results and reduce your stress. Sound good?

Ask The #1 Question

Simplify your strategy and figure out what “moves” your business. What is the #1, most important thing you do to drive revenue? They key is to identify an activity that you control like calls, appointments, etc. (not sales, revenue).

WARNING: This may not be something you like, but it’s the most effective activity for your business.

Clearly Define Your Daily Activity Goal

Now that we know what drives your business, we need to quantify how much. Simply put, how much and how often do you have to do this particular activity to hit your monthly targets? You know your business and hopefully your ratios, so this is merely an average based on past results (ie., 30 calls per day yields 3 appointments).

WARNING: If this seems too simple, that means you are right on track!

Measure Your Movement

The last and final step is the fun part. Put in place a simple way to track your progress each day. Write on a whiteboard, in your planner, or any other creative way you like. All you are doing is tracking the quantity of the activity you are completing for the day, that’s it. We call this ”measuring your movement”, because you are shifting your focus to a result you can control. And you know, doing the right activity will yield the right results.

So here is where the magic happens. Tomorrow after yet another long day, something will change. Regardless if you made a sale, acquired a client or customer, you will be able to quickly and easily determine if it was a “good day”.

Knowing that you did the right activity now determines the success of the day. You begin to measure the movement not the money. You know that this consistent activity will not only get you good results, but it will very likely create greater results than you’ve ever seen before!

So I encourage you to try it. Define your good day. Commit to a simple activity based goal for even just a week, and see what happens. Not only will you improve your results quickly, but you’ll be able to answer that question “how was your day” in a whole new way!

Brian Sharp

Brian Sharp is owner of the Go Big Company, which specializes in small business training & development. As a national, award-winning business speaker and author, Brian has the privilege of traveling the country helping companies achieve BIG results through keynote presentations, workshops, & coaching programs.

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