Time to Fill Up Your Website Bucket List

By Mike Linville
small business website goals

Seems pretty obvious, but setting goals is absolutely essential to properly planning out your small business website and to ensure its success. Goals help you define the what, when, why, where, and how of your entire enterprise.

As you develop your website it is important to make a bucket list [yep, just the like movie] of everything would like to have on the site and then prioritize it. Next, list your goals and make absolutely sure they sync up with your intentions.  Make sure that the form, design, and purpose of your website is geared toward ONLY your intentions and you will increase the efficiency of your website.

Your Website “Bucket List” Should Include:

  • Immediate goals
  • Short term goals
  • Interim goals
  • Financial goals
  • Timeline goals
  • An ULTIMATE goal

The most important reason why you absolutely, positively need to outline your goals is because they are going to comprise the better part of your business plan. Whether you are planning to seek funding from an outside source or not, the business plan keeps you on track, reminds you and others what your vision of the business is and also gives you professional credibility in the eyes of others.

Your Turn

Grab a sheet of paper and spend FIVE minutes jotting down goals, large and small, for your business’ website. Those of you who may already have a website, this will be a great exercise to see if your site embodies the goals you wrote down on your bucket list.

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