Reasons Why Small Dogs are Good for Children

A common saying goes “dogs are man’s best friend.” There is also an interesting fact about dogs stating they are the only animal on earth that would love you more than they would love themselves. Because of the unconditional love dogs could give, some parents would have their children grow up with dogs around. And, parents who are dog lovers would definitely raise their children with their dogs. Some parents though are a little picky and would choose small dogs over large dogs due to their size and the strength large dogs have.

Most common reasons why parents would choose small dogs are:


This could be the very reason why parents would have dogs while raising their children. The idea of feeding them on time, bathing with them, playing with them, and taking good care of these dogs would help children learn at a very young age some sense of responsibility. Children would bring and live with it as they grow older and face more obligations in the future.


Due to the dog’s size, parents would avoid unexpected incidents that might happen whenever they play around. Dogs, whether large or small, are playful. The strength of a large dog might cause accidents to children smaller than them. Sometimes, dogs would not be aware of this if they are already too playful, and especially if they are having fun with the children they play with which is why you might use a carrier for your dog such as the K9 Sport Sack

Life Span

With proper care and regular visits to a veterinarian, an average life span of a small dog is 12-14 years compared to large dogs that would live for about 8 years. This would mean more time to spend with children to teach them more things as they grow old together. This would also give them time to build memories and stronger relationship.


Both maintenance of the dog and the house of course. Small dogs do not occupy much space and would not reach things they might want to reach. The household is more easy to maintain with small dogs. You would them break things around the house when playing. Small dogs also poop less and pee less, so it is easier to clean up after them. In addition, maintenance of small dogs is easier than for big dogs.

Building relationship

Parents are able to teach their children a lot of things if they own a pet. Small dogs could be like a little sibling to children who would need attention, love, and care. As they grow up it would not be difficult for them to show their emotions to other people too. Pets would also help children control their emotions and discover new things about their personality.

To have a pet and children playing around at home seems to add more life to a household. It could be quite difficult to own a pet but living with them is worth living. Small dogs are like infants and toddler are too so it would be like adding another little warrior at home to build more wonderful memories as a family.