What Is A Content Strategy?

By admin
Content Strategy

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In the past few years there has been a dramatic shift from outbound to inbound marketing strategies. With this huge change, small business owners need to totally rethink the role of content in their businesses. This potential for growth has many small business owners asking: “What is a content strategy?” This week Mike discusses the 4 things you must know before implementing your next content marketing strategy.

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Shining a Light on Local Business

By Mike Linville
Small Business Review

Our office is located in a small town – one of those small towns that has been around since the Wild Wild West and lists gold panning as one of its major tourist attractions. Recently I’ve noticed the massive presence of corporate chains invading and threatening some of the mom-and-pop shops that have been around for years.

Thankfully they’re not all gone. Salons, restaurants, dental offices (for some reason we have a TON of dentists) – small businesses are still successful even in this downtrodden economy.

Let me qualify that last statement, because in truth there are TWO major definitions of “success” for small business in 2011: treading water versus actually excelling. Though many of us [because we are a small business too] are still treading water and after some practice getting pretty good at it, some bricks and mortar businesses are excelling because they have adopted inbound marketing practices and expanded their presence to the World Wide Web.

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Debating Facebook Questions?

By Mike Linville
Using Facebook Questions

I had a great conversation about Facebook Questions yesterday with Social Gorilla Media, a company that helps businesses better understand and effectively utilize social media. It was inspired by one of their recent status updates:

“So far, I don’t see too much value in the new Question feature in Facebook. I still prefer Quora at this point.”Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 9:35am

I immediately replied that although I had my own reservations at first, I found plenty of value in Facebook‘s newest feature that allows users to poll friends, family, and fans about different topics to gauge their interests. After a great back and forth, Social Gorilla Media opened my eyes to a whole other perspective and it made me seriously consider: what are the pros and cons of using Facebook Questions on your business’ page?

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Blog to Boost Search Engine Rankings

By Mike Linville
Boost SEO With A Blog

The blog is no longer just a virtual soapbox where you can rant and vent about the last season of the X-Files. It is a strong leveraging tool in your inbound marketing strategy. A blog shows your readers, potential customers and search engines that you are consistently maintaining an online presence.

If one of your business goals is to reach a wider audience as fast as possible then the best way to do it is to develop a blog. Why do you think blogging has become so popular in the last three years? It’s because web entrepreneurs figured out that attaching a unique blog to their site gets them quickly indexed in search engines.

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