The DIY Creator Series Joins The Ranks Of Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings And Other Epic Trilogies!

By Mike Linville

DIY Content MarketingWe have big news! After a lot of hard work, we’ve created the newest DIY membership program—DIY Content Marketing.

DIY-what-cha-ma Now?

DIY Content Marketing is an online video training program that covers how you can market your business online with your expertise. It’s made up of a core program with 15 videos covering the planning, research, creation and analysis of the content marketing process.

These 15 videos go over the strategies necessary to get your campaign working properly. Along with each core video is an accompanying worksheet to help you create your own powerful content marketing campaign. And to get the tactics, like social media tricks, creating and editing video, writing compelling blogs, installing social WordPress plugins, and improving SEO, we have the DIY Content Marketing bonus library. If you need a step-by-step tutorial and it’s not in the bonus library, you can email us and we’ll create it for you.

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Is The Internet Giving You A Bad Rap?

By Mike Linville

Online-ReputationI had a very interesting conversation over the weekend with my hair stylist. She was explaining to me that over the past month her walk in customer rate was dropping like crazy.

My first thought was to ask if she had received any bad reviews on Yelp or Google. She said she had no idea, and that she never checks stuff like that because she isn’t computer savvy.


We checked right then and there on my phone. Low and behold, she had received a scathing review from a client about a month and a half ago. Unfortunately people only tend to leave feedback if they’re extremely happy or extremely dissatisfied with a product or service.

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Why Old Facebook Marketing Strategies No Longer Work

By Mike Linville
Social Media Marketing

Ever feel as if your Facebook page’s likes are lacking?

Sometimes it seems as if no matter what you do to increase engagement on your page, nothing works.

You can follow all the rules, but still not get the results you want. Such as:

  • Asking questions in status updates
  • Keeping content concise and interesting
  • Posting when fans are online
  • Encouraging likes, comments and shares

Facebook has become the place to go for social media marketing. Its appeal to age groups across the board has made eyeball real estate very valuable. To make sure users get the most of their experience, Facebook filters content showing what they think will be most interesting.

This makes things difficult for small businesses or new businesses without a mass following. But don’t give up on Facebook yet! There are things you can do to get the most out of Facebook.

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3 Ways To Use StumbleUpon In Your Business

By Mike Linville

StumbleUpon is amazing! There are so many practical applications beyond uncovering treasures like top 10 Marty McFly quotes or the the best Waterfall pictures from around the globe.

Here at Black Dog Education, we find ourselves using StumbleUpon to relieve some sort of brain block almost on a weekly basis. But we’re not selfish, so we wanted to share these tips with our fellow small business owners who may also find themselves out of fresh ideas every now and again.

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