When Do We Start to Puppy Training?

A puppy is a young dog, less than a year old, adorable and cuddly, and although they only have a limited attention span you can start training your dog immediately. They can be taught simple obedience commands such as SIT, DOWN and STAY. As they are overly sociable animals, they take up most of the time interacting with their mother or other puppies. Start exposing them to people, once they have more exposure to your family, friends, and neighbors; so that they easily develop social skills and will not get scared or anxious with people around. It usually takes a little less than 6 months to fully train a puppy.

In puppy training, you need to be consistent, as this is how puppies boost their learning process. It is also vital that you show them that you are in command. You should be a strong, stable, dominant leader to them so they become well-behaved dogs as they grow. You need to be patient and have some regularity in the things that you teach the puppy, repetition in the puppy’s daily routine, and the commands you use would surely reinforce your training. Never forget to praise the act and add a tender pat on the back after a command was executed well by the puppy. This helps a great deal in making sure they retain the commands you teach.

For you to be successful in puppy training, you should be physically and mentally ready as this would require for you to identify the dog’s ability to learn so that you can match their pace. Puppies are high in energy so you should be ready to run, roll, jump, chase, wrestle and be prepared with lots of barking sounds.

Treats and positive verbal praises are good motivators for puppies to follow commands. A good environment, clean house, quiet neighborhood helps out in being able to train your puppies at a faster pace. To make sure that training is effective, everyone in the household should use the same list of commands and rewards so that the puppy would not get confused. Again, consistency is the key. Also, do not make each training session too long. Since puppies have limited attention spans, 5 minutes should be enough, but make sure that you incorporate it in all the activities that you do together. Make sure as well that you do not train them in one place so that they would remember they need to follow the command wherever they are.

Part of puppy training is a regular visit to the veterinarian. This enables you to get tips on how to take care of your puppy and understand your puppy more. It is also important for them to have the right diet and have a healthy lifestyle, which includes having an adequate amount of exercise. Daily walks with your dog do not just create that bond between you two but are also a way of showing them that you are the dominant leader who shows them the way.