Why Large Dogs are Good Pets

Here are some large dogs you may want to consider as pets, Great Dane, Labrador, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Doberman, and Chowchow. They are some of the most famously known dog breeds. They are great companions, and good watch dogs too being able to scare away possible intruders because of their size.

Large dogs may seem intimidating and you would think they would be difficult to handle, but they are more relaxed, affectionate and most are more good natured than smaller breeds. As these dogs are larger animals, they are less likely to get scared of people. They have higher chances to be adaptable to others, and thus meeting new friends or socializing would not be much of a problem for these dogs.

One of the biggest considerations to make when choosing a pet is the space it would occupy in your house. But, because large dogs have a gentle and calm nature, they may still be a good fit for owners that live in smaller spaces. While they are not as playful as the smaller dogs, always consider the fact that you should have adequate space for the dog to walk and run. Also, make sure that you have time to spare to bring them out for regular walks in the park for exercise.

Apart from space, one of the things you need to think about is the expense of owning a dog. Large dogs would definitely require higher quality food so they can remain in good health, a larger crate, bigger collar and leash, greater medical expenses, and grooming would be more expensive as well.

Large dogs are easier to train than small dogs as well, as they tend to be smarter dogs than the others, and they are always eager and enjoy learning. Some have a very calm nature, and only shows enthusiasm when they are out of the house or during their playtime. That is why it is important to have a consistent routine in which would also help to train them the appropriate time to behave and to play around.

Here are some breed characteristics that you would need to consider when choosing the right pet dog for you:

1. Adaptability – ability to adjust to environment, new places and new people.
2. Sensitivity- some dogs require more attention than others, and some require consistent and regular routines.
3. Easy to groom- some dogs require regular bathing and grooming, and you should consider the expense that goes with that.
4. Health – some breeds are more prone to health conditions than others, and you should always ask the vet for common illness that can affect the health condition of your pet.
5. Energy Level – consider the type of lifestyle you have as this could influence whether you want a high energy companion or a low energy one who can just sleep all day.

Whatever size you choose, may it be large dog or small dog, any dog can give you unconditional love, provide great comfort especially for people who are on their own, very protective of their family, and they are one of the greatest companions.